The Stand (and spread of) by Stephen King

The past two years found me learning new skills. I learned how to use a camera, Photoshop, and Lightroom. But now I started to read voraciously and started writing again. I picked up a bunch of used books mostly those I read a while ago and really liked and now want on my shelf. Books by Cormac McCarthy, Chuck Palahniuk, and Stephen King. Especially those from King to refresh myself with the world of The Dark Tower now that the movie is only a few months away. I’ve read the first five books before The Wind Through the Keyhole was published so I’ll get around to that after rereading The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass since Keyhole happens after Glass.

Since there are characters in The Dark Tower series that are in other of his works, I read ‘Salem’s Lot. It made more sense now after reading Dark Tower V because it explained what happened to Father Callahan after the end of ‘Salem’s Lot.

I’m currently reading The Stand which includes someone who also appears in Wizard and Glass. As mentioned before, the copy of The Stand I bought was used and after getting several chapters in, I couldn’t help but think about the spread of the disease. This is the uncut and complete version published in 1990 which God only knows how many hands it has changed over the past 27 years. I don’t know if King himself has thought of this but it makes the book a little more engrossing and chilling.

I’m going to start putting my mind here into short posts until I start traveling again. So until then, goodnight everyone.


  1. The Stand is my absolute favourite King book (accept from a short story about a man taking revenge by digging a hole in the pavement on a highway, luring in the offender in and burying him alive, I’m not sure what its called) and one of my favourite books ever. Happy reading!

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      1. Now I got all thinking about Stephen King. “The Long Walk” is so worth reading too, probably shares the first place with “the Stand”, I have an really old copy or that one too. Sorry for all the Stephen King spam, I just got all exited. 😀


      2. It’s quite alright my dear I enjoy a lot of his works as well. Thank you for the recommendations. The Jaunt from Skeleton Crew (if I’m not mistaken) is one that I quite like. 🙂

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