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Hello everyone. My name is Joey but when I travel, I go by phxdown. The name comes from a reviving item called a Phoenix Down from the Final Fantasy games. Travel has given me not only a new perspective, but also a new life. I’m also from Phoenix, Arizona so I felt it fit.

Over the past few years I’ve been planning escapes and traveling the world whenever possible. I’ve literally circumnavigated the earth and have seen and experienced some amazing things on my adventures and I’m here to share certain selections with you.

While I don’t mind the traditional travel blog, I prefer to write (mostly) true stories about my travels while blending in a bit of fiction. I also like to take beautiful pictures to help compliment the story. Stories are neither in chronological nor geographical order. Everything is random. This is more of a creative outlet but I’m still excited to see where this site will go so feel free to join me on the journey.

I’m really just a normal guy that tries to accomplish impressive things.

I live, work, and was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and graduated from Arizona State University.

You can find me on the usual social media spots.
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Wasted minutes will turn to wasted years.

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