The aging athlete

“What’s wrong with you? Get up there like you used to.”

I tell myself as I palm the ball and slam it on the ground. The realization approaches as I feel there just isn’t enough “young” left in my legs anymore. The mind is tenacious but how much longer will the body be able? I catch my breath while bullets of sweat fall to the hardwood floor as I’m laying on my belly to look through the screen of my GoPro to line up the shot. I’m setting up the camera again after deleting another batch of photos I’m not happy with. I cycle through the pictures and see that my prime is ending right in front of my eyes.

“No, try again. You can still do this.”

The sports injuries piled up over the years and I’ve been lucky to have been this strong for so long. After decades of playing high intensity sports, long distance running, hiking and general fitness, the reality that my fastest time, my highest jump, my peak is either behind me or coming to an end. How much is really still left in the tank for someone my age? Time will tell but either way I’ll make sure I leave that bitch as dry as a bone in the Phoenix sun.

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