Tucson, Arizona 2018 Select Photos

This year, I’m trying something a new. A little more on that later because I’m still trying to get some things in place. Related to that, I went down to Tucson for an extended weekend. The first trip, I had gone with the intent of visiting the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum and eating at El Charro. This time around, I went for a different purpose but spent the entire trip in the downtown area and made another trip to El Charro.

Downtown Tucson is quite small but that makes it much easier to cultivate a vibrant and bustling experience. Everything was happening on the one main street. Bars on one end of Congress and food trucks on the other. I tend to shy away from the nightlife, especially in a college town but I was able to find a quiet bar inside Miss Saigon and had a nice chat with the bartender. It’s little experiences like that which make some hard miles worth it. A while back, I met some organic cotton candy vendors at the Desert Botanical Gardens here in Phoenix. Turns out they’re based in Tucson and they remembered me. Small world. Try the Aztec chocolate (pictured below) from SpunLight Cotton Candy.

Anyway, you’re here for the pictures so let’s take a look at some of my favorite photos from my trip to Tucson.

Looking back at some older photos, I feel like I’m getting better and enjoying the process. You’ll notice that there are photos of me and photos of someone else. This lovely lady goes by the name of Sofie. We’re both looking to photograph models so we decided to pose for and photograph each other. Photos of me were taken by her. More to come but I wanted to thank Sofie for being a good host and model.

If you’d like to see the full album, you can find it here. It’s a smaller album but I feel it’s more quality plus more of the yummy food I consumed. Have a good day everyone. And safe travels. Until next time. 😀


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