Key West 2018 Select Photos

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I was told that the trip to Key West was happening. Is it just like Miami? Is it like all those songs you hear that describe laid back vibes with margaritas and beaches? Everything was new but it also felt so familiar.

Vicky from was gracious enough to drive us down to Key West and stay for a few days. The drive down to Key West was beautiful. I’ve been in places with water plenty of times but I don’t get to see it every day so I like to take advantage and watch it slowly crawl by the horizon.

Key West seemed to have its own unique vibe with hints of other party and vacation destinations mixed in. Duval Street was something new but felt like several places I’ve experienced before. I’m not much for the party life anymore but had a great time taking in the culture and laid back atmosphere.

While not pictured, the Ernest Hemingway home was one of my favorite spots on the island. The guy definitely lived an amazing life. You’ll see a photo from the lighthouse which was also another place I really enjoyed.

Mallory Square was something I was familiar with having been on several boardwalks, mainly in Mexico, but have never been on one while gazing out to the Atlantic Ocean. As with any potential photogenic location, there were a hundreds of people pointing cameras and phones towards the sunset. We had a bit of bad luck with some of the clouds coming in but lucked out just enough to get that dramatic darkness above a fiery sunset.

We were only in Key West for a few days and tried to pack in as much sightseeing as we could so I had to do a lot of run and gun shooting. Either way, I had a fun time and hope you enjoy the photos.

I want to thank Vicky again for driving us down to Key West. You can see more of her adventures on her website

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