Built from the night

My desk isn’t fancy but it does the job. Upon it, a black bound notebook, my current literary escape, phone and two MacBook laptops. One old the other new. The notebook has nothing written in it, it’s there to give a workspace feel to the area. I sit down with a tall glass of ice water, slip on my headphones and start the music to a song I haven’t heard in far too long. Another solo mission carving a little corner out of the darkness putting in the work.

Building a WordPress site isn’t as hard as I first thought it would be. Right now I’m creating placeholder pages while trying to understand how to implement the menu system, brainstorming content I’ll include and how I’m going to organize everything to give the site a clean look and user friendly feel. There will be some trial and error but soon I hope to have some great content by valuing quality over quantity. Taking the lessons along the way, I’d like attractive writing, beautiful and interesting pictures while hoping to get better each day. Still, nothing will get posted unless I’m happy with it.

I can’t help but think this site is too humdrum in its current state so I viewed the premium themes and thought several of them looked clean and streamlined only to quickly realize that those themes have several professional photographs displayed. I don’t even have a camera except for a GoPro and my iPhone so I definitely don’t have anything even close to being that impressive. Even if I did purchase a premium theme, it wouldn’t look anything like the templates they demonstrate at least not yet anyway. Once the site is functional, I can focus on getting out on the town, exploring and having some fun creating content.


  1. Well that book on my desk is Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. Unfortunately the theme of my site stretches the picture a little too much so the title of the book may be a bit blurry and drowned out by the light from the laptops.


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