Chapala, Mexico 2017 Select Photos

Saying that you’re going to Mexico seems to frighten a certain swath of Americans. “The news said that Mexicans are (insert unfriendly adjective)!” No, calm down. This is my third time to central Mexico and Chapala and Ajijic are still some of the most beautiful and friendliest places I’ve ever been. My friends graciously offered that I stay in one their houses and even got most of my meals for free or at heavily discounted prices. As a bonus prize, I even played international wedding crasher for one night. One thing I do know is that Mexicans really know how to party.

As far as what I ate, I definitely didn’t learn from my previous ventures and consumed everything in sight. Escape from the amazing food is futile. You’re hopelessly surrounded and around every corner is something delicious beckoning you. I couldn’t say no. I basically had to roll myself back into the US, a little ashamed of myself, again.

I’d say I’m getting better at this photography thing. Looking over my pictures from my last trip to Cancun and Chapala last year with a honed eye and see the improvements I’ve made. Everything was over exposed, horizons a bit skewed, wasn’t shooting in RAW. This time around, I made sure to try harder and be better even when trying to shoot in bright and harsh light. I employed some composition techniques along with focused technical knowledge. I’m much happier with these photos. I even had an impromptu photo session with my friends, a newly engaged couple in La Floresta.

How interesting life can be. It was a year to the week that I was in Tokyo with another photographer. From a futuristic metropolis to a happy town uncaring about sifting their way through the sands of time. My friend Steven also brought his camera and we were able to both teach and learn from one another. So a few of the pictures were not taken by me. It’s quite nice to have subjects to follow around. Best of all our lenses had the same mounts so we could swap. I borrowed his 55-200mm and I lent him my 1.8f 50mm.

I hope you enjoy. I feel I took less photos overall but of better quality. These are my favorite photos from my trip but if you’d like to see more, you can find the entire album here.


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