Tokyo, Japan 2016 Select Photos

It takes a special place for me to visit a country again, much less the same city in that country twice. However, Japan will always be one of those countries and Tokyo, one of those cities. I smile at all the new stories comfortably bedded in memory with an increasing catalogue of others.

Some memories I couldn’t photograph while others I burned for myself. Walking towards silent giants softly lit and glimmering in the condensation of cold drizzle in Minato. Running in rain slow in its motion, dodging the hundreds of people even slower in the streets of Shinjuku to make our reservation at Robot Restaurant. Or the guy that busted out of the wall and scared us half to death to hand my friend her personalized Pasmo card. With all that said and with all that I’ve experienced around the world, this trip ranks up there with one of the best and happy to know that I’ve been gifted another priceless bank of experiences tattooed upon my soul.

There really is something for everyone in Tokyo. From lazily wandering through immaculate and peaceful parks so well crafted you’d forget you’re in one of the biggest cities in the world. To miles of high end shopping and everything in between. Parks, museums, samurai armor, massive arcades, sushi, ramen, luxury, simplicity, endless colors, infinite iridescence and an amazingly distinct and rich cultural heritage to embrace and be proud of.

Every time I leave a country I tell myself I’ll go back again someday but in the back of my mind I know it probably won’t happen. But for Tokyo I don’t feel that. I know I’ll go back again. Some say it’s mere theatre of the mind to think of what may be but for me it’s theatre of of my own future.

I want to thank my good and long time friend Prissy G. for inviting me and allowing me to help her translate and teach how to ask for seared salmon from the sushi chef in Japanese and allowing me to take some great photographs. I also want to thank new friend Allen who taught me some incredibly valuable shooting techniques that are reflected in several of my favorite pictures. You can see more of his work at Thanks again Allen.

I also happened to find a huge camera store and bought a nifty 50mm lens to play with. You’ll see what they call “bokeh” in several of the below photos. Basically the subject is in focus while all of the surroundings are blurred which is, at least to my eyes, quite pleasant. Another theme you’ll notice is the the perspective shot of someone looking forward. I’ve always enjoyed that.

So enough with the words because you’re here for the pictures. And now for my selected favorite fleeting moments frozen in Tokyo time.

If you’d like to see the entire story of photos, including snapshots of all the カワイ, all the lights, and all of the ridiculously amazing and unforgettable food, you can find them here in this Google Photos album.

If you have any questions about going to Japan or have any comments, feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to try to help. I hope at some point you’ll be able to not just visit but also experience this amazing city.

Photo gear: Nikon D5500, GoPro Hero 4 Silver, iPhone 6, Sony CyberShot, and Google Pixel.


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