New York City 2018 Select Photos

The first stop of a packed itinerary was to New York City to visit my friend who has made a few appearances on this blog in Tokyo and Las Vegas. This was my third trip to The Big Apple and as a fun fact, New York City was the first destination I visited when I started this whole travel adventure.

It was quite cold for my desert blooded soul. Even though I’ve been to some cold destinations, I’m never really ready for it. Luckily I had bought a big puffy jacket and gloves (which barely helped) to try to combat the cold.

I’ve been on roller coasters and bumpy flights but that cab ride from JFK to lower Manhattan always makes me glad when it’s over. I guess I should never really say that I’ve been to New York City when I’ve only ever been to the island of Manhattan.

Either way, I had a great time experiencing some new areas and restaurants. My friend and I were able to get great photos using each other as subjects. There was even a trip to the photography megastore, B&H.

Going back to a destination I’ve been before always makes me reminisce. When it’s the same exact place, I see the ghost of myself in years prior walking those same steps with that sparkle in my eye. I smile now and realize just how blessed I am to have these experiences.

Anyway, you’re here for the photos so lets get to it. It’s a smaller gallery as we were only able to shoot when both of us weren’t working. Photos of me were taken by my friend on her Sony a6500. Gear used: Nikon D5500 and Google Pixel while mostly using my 35mm 1.8f.

The full gallery can be seen here. Snapshots from around the city and shots of the amazing food await.

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