PHX Photo Walk Two

People walk around taking pictures with their phones all night long and nobody bats an eye. Someone brings in a real camera and everyone loses their mind.

This short second installment of the PHX Photo Walk series takes us to a few places but mostly pictures of The Duce in downtown Phoenix. One day after work I decided to head over and have dinner. I had my camera with me so I thought “why not.” 

The Duce is a fun and rather unique place to hangout and play a few games like shuffle board, corn hole, ping pong and you can even get into the boxing ring if the time is right. Trying to describe what kind of establishment it is would be too difficult so you’ll just have to go there yourself to see what I’m talking about. If you have a sweet tooth or trying to select a drink that you think your lady might like, I suggest the grasshopper. Liqueur de menthe, liqueur de cacao with milk and whipped cream. It’s like drinking an adult mint chocolate chip ice cream or drinking an Andes chocolate mint you get when you’re done with your meal at The Olive Garden.

The next installment is coming soon where I snapped a few photos of the urban art and murals in the Roosevelt area. I hope all of you have a really nice rest of your day and keep productively busy doing something you enjoy.


  1. Thank you, kind sir. It is quite interesting how people, especially women, I’ve found, curiously react to the camera. The average person I’ve encountered either has a positive interest or no interest at all about the camera but when you bring an actual device that looks like a camera into a business, they tend to freak out and will surveil you until you leave. Either way it won’t stop me and if I get kicked out, then I get kicked out haha.


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