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PHX Photo Walk Two

People walk around taking pictures with their phones all night long and nobody bats an eye. Someone brings in a real camera and everyone loses their mind.

This short second installment of the PHX Photo Walk series takes us to a few places but mostly pictures of The Duce in downtown Phoenix. One day after work I decided to head over and have dinner. I had my camera with me so I thought “why not.”  Continue reading


Where should I eat in downtown PHX?

As the temperature in Phoenix goes from “why is it still 100 degrees in the first two weeks of October!?” to absolutely perfect just a week later, the annual migration of snowbirds flying south for the winter and seeking southwestern sanctuary is upon us. Here to enjoy the amazing weather, southwest culture, golf and some great desert escape resorts. So if you’re one of these snowbirds, are new to the area, or just looking for a new place to try, a native Phoenician would like to share a few of his favorite places to eat in the general downtown area of Phoenix, Arizona. Continue reading

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ඕලන්ද රෝහල් වෙළද සන්කීර්ණයේ කාලය ගතකරන අතරතුර

We’re all listening to the waves of an ocean we can’t see. It’s an odd feeling when the view below eerily mirrors the view above. Some of the white sea foam crashing on the black rocks resemble the cirrus moonlit clouds in the night sky. It feels like I’m suspended in a timeless and dark pocket of the country’s Celyon past.

This area of space hasn’t changed in millennia. Beaches tend to do that to my consciousness. I lose any semblances of time as they transport me back countless ages and show no regard for any history thrust upon their shores. It’s a short trip back to the primordial before I hear the sounds of a modern city behind me. Continue reading


Restoration in Mexico

Perhaps someday I’ll write about the memories and experiences forged here but over Labor Day weekend, I went to the not-so-sleepy-anymore, fishing port town of Puerto Peñasco, in Sonora Mexico with a few friends for some R n’ R. My GoPro has literally been around the world with me but I recently purchased a snazzy new DSLR camera and figured this would be a the perfect chance to take it on its first real trip into the wild. This is also my first attempt at learning how to use the photo editing software Lightroom. I was experimenting with color enhancement and all the other features which is why you’ll see a slightly transparent watermark in the lower left corner. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the pictures of small slices of a day of smiles and relaxation that Mexico always provides. Continue reading

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小笼包 (Xiao Long Bao)

My steps are lost yet they’ve guided me through the beauty and serenity of Kowloon Park on an overcast day. It’s warm and humid but that’s just early June in Hong Kong. I’ve come to the other end of the park, walking down a small slope to cross a crowded street full of shops and neon signage. Let’s see… I need to walk west to the corner of Haiphong and Canton. The Google map I cached on my phone’s memory says it’s that way. One of the best restaurants in Hong Kong is buried deep in the belly of Harbor City; somewhere amidst this massive clutter of Fendi, Burberry, Armani and Coach. Continue reading


The Plaza. A Las Vegas Prologue Part II.

After a slight detour, we arrive at The Plaza Hotel. I tagged along with my friends who are attending Punk Rock Bowling, a three day long punk rock music festival that starts tonight. This meant downtown Las Vegas was dominated by chains, band t-shirts, tattoos, black leather everything and mohawks. I recommend we set our bags down after check in and have lunch at the Hash House A Go Go. In the dozen or so times I’ve been to Las Vegas, I’ve never skipped on the Hash House. It never gets old; that distinct sound of gasping laughter mixed with fear and carnal gluttony at the sight of the mountain of food towering before customers. Continue reading

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New Game at 8-Bit.

The opening of 8-Bit Brewery was such a fun time. Opening you ask? But you’ve already been sold and reviewed this place didn’t you? Yes and I’d really like to thank the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild for sharing my initial review of 8-Bit Brewery. Instead of another review, this will be my personal experience of the enjoyably long Saturday that it was. Continue reading