Las Vegas 2019 Select Photos

What is there to say about your umpteenth trip to Las Vegas? Especially when you don’t gamble or really even drink. Well, I like going there for the veritable amount of steps and mileage I end up traversing on any given day. It’s just like hiking, so in essence, it’s probably the most luxurious place you can hike. These “hikes” also counterbalance the disgraceful amount of rich and delectable food I usually consume.

This post consists of two separate trips to Las Vegas during the last two weeks of December. The first was a solo trip to enjoy the food and get some writing done. While the second was for a friend’s birthday. I didn’t take too many photos during this trip as most photographers know, photography is usually a solo sport. You don’t want your group to slow down or stop while you’re composing and shooting. I spent most of the time as a tour guide and someone to give restaurant and dish recommendations.

Looking back to 2016 and 2018, I can definitely see that my skill has improved and my eye for what to photograph has expanded. This trip found me trying to find new compositions to try to capture. What makes it difficult is the amount of people and advertising signage that I tried to avoid.

The last few photos are compositions I like to capture when I’m in a room with a nice view. Just a solo traveler, listening to slow flowing yet melodic music in the dark while gazing out into the future.

I had some pretty decadent food so if you’d like to see more snapshot and even a crumby picture of Carrot Top shopping in The Forum Shops, the entire photoset can be found here. See you all next year, wherever that may be.

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