Rome (and little bit of London) 2017 Select Photos

All roads lead here. To Rome. And now, here we have come. We all have our own visions of The Eternal City. What you think of Rome may or may not be true. My own notions of a city I’ve had dreams of visiting since childhood stood both verified and delightfully proven wrong. Rome is quite possibly the most historically compact, deep, and dense city in the world. I’ve been around the world but Rome was incredibly impressive in both its modernity and antiquity. Some cities have either but I feel the most special places possess both.

The journey started with two days in Los Angeles eating Korean BBQ, cruising the beaches in a convertible BMW. After losing the days in the L.A. sun, next came long layover in freezing Chicago exploring Millennium Park then falling hard into a deep dish Chicago style pizza. Finally, a dream realizing walk among ancient history.

The trip was another one for the ever expanding book, ever growing photo album of my life. Enough words, the photos from my trip to Rome (and a short layover in London) below. I feel so blessed and have hopes to fly far away once again in the near future. Until the next time in the next country…

If you’d like to see all the snapshots from the entire trip, L.A., Chicago, Rome, and London, you can find them here in this Google Photos album. Equipment used: Nikon D5500 with a 35mm Nikor lens, Google Pixel, iPhone 7, and GoPro Hero 4 Silver. I would like to thank my good buddy Sam for volunteering to help me take the photos in which I’m in. Thanks for helping me make my visions into realities.



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