PHX Photo Walk Three

The third entry in walking around PHX during the desert dusk. It seems as if when you have a camera with you, and you’re looking for something interesting to take a picture of downtown, people usually gravitate to the Roosevelt area of the city. 

When I first saw a small row of shops on the north side of Roosevelt just east of fifth street, I wandered over to see what was there. On the way over there were a few people chatting and one of them had a cute little black dog with a white belly that was chilling on the sidewalk. I walked by and the entire time the dog and I locked eyes and when I finally got close enough to the dog, I could have sworn he or she squinted his or her eyes and smiled while still panting. When I passed the smiling dog I found a small and humbly local clothing shop playing rap music with a young guy trying to keep busy, an unpretentious hair salon and a quaint barber shop next to that. Then I found something that made me rather “curious.” There was another shop called Curious Nature with the tag of A Natural History Emporium. It stood here at the time of writing this though I think they’ve moved to somewhere on Central.

Usually when I see or hear the word “emporium” I suspect they’re going for a humorous effect. At closer glance I saw it actually was a type of emporium of the unique and abnormally peculiar. They were about to close so I decided to look through the glass and inspect their wares. There were definitely some interestingly macabre items to say the least. Diaphanized frogs, bat and lizard skeletons, some small taxidermy, strange rocks and other oddities stood on tables, lined shelves and hung from the ceiling. One thing that did catch my eye was the print of an anatomical chart of a human skull that looks like it was made hundreds of years ago. I’ll definitely be checking that store out not only for myself but it looks like a great place to find a one-of-a-kind gift for that one-of-kind person.

You’ll notice that several of the pictures are of some murals. If you’ve ever driven or walked around the downtown area, chances are you’ve come across a few peppered here and there. Some of them are too wide for my humble kit lense to capture with any kind of respect to the art. I guess you’ll just have to see them for yourself. If anyone has seen any of the murals I’m speaking of, tell me, which one is your favorite?

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