Jerome, Arizona Select Photos 2018

As if going to NYC, Miami, Key West, and Providenciales wasn’t enough, I spontaneously took one final bonus road trip north to the wonderful little town of Jerome, Arizona. Even after all the countries I’ve been to, sometimes I have more fun on a solo road trip somewhere in Arizona, walking around, taking photos, eating, and just relaxing to some music in a warm hotel room.

I had no real plan on what to do when I got there. No research was performed but I wasn’t worried. You can go far away, close to home. The only thing I really knew about Jerome heading into this, was its artist culture, wineries, and haunted history.

The main area of the town can be walked within an hour but if you slow down and take a tour or two, you’ll find there’s a strong, macabre past packed into such a small area. Some seriously messed up and nefarious stuff happened here. I guess that’s what happens when money is pretty much flowing from the ground in a lawless and remote town. This may as well have been called Vice City or the original Sin City.

The present day Jerome embraces its wicked past and has now become an interesting little town with great dining options and plenty of wine to taste. I’m not much for wine but I did enjoy every restaurant I patronized and met some really nice proprietors and proprietresses. It’s worth the trip up from Phoenix and would definitely to go back again.

As you can see, the snow came down with a vengeance on my last day but I made sure to enjoy every bit I could. This was my final trip of 2018. Looking back at all the places and memories I made in such a short period of time, and the people I met and may never see again, sometimes I can’t believe how lucky and blessed I am. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to travel like this so I’m making sure to never take it for granted.  Thanks for coming along for the ride. Cheers everyone…

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