Hello world. Hello indeed.

Special Needs by Placebo is what plays while birthing my first post to WordPress. The light of my laptop is all that cuts through the dark of my room. I rather like it that way. Reminds of the fading embers and drifting ash of days long past. But as the name implies, and from the ash of dead day, the Phoenix rises with burning life and the light to see the enjoyment of humility and simplicity.

I’ve searched for a new hobby and I’ve swam in the ocean of blogging before, so I think I’ll dive in once again with no real care if people read this or not. It’s something constructive, often therapeutic even cathartic and I can do this while just letting the music play. I’m resolving to use time and not let it use me. Using time for composition of word and photograph in that order.

Here, well I hope, will be where more of my serious attempts at writing will be expelled. Most likely it will turn into a more personal look into what may be going on in my life. Perhaps a paragraph or two of fiction, a travel story, a thought or simply some free association and creativity. So welcome one and all.

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