Restoration in Mexico

Perhaps someday I’ll write about the memories and experiences forged here but over Labor Day weekend, I went to the not-so-sleepy-anymore, fishing port town of Puerto Peñasco, in Sonora Mexico with a few friends for some R n’ R. My GoPro has literally been around the world with me but I recently purchased a snazzy new DSLR camera and figured this would be a the perfect chance to take it on its first real trip into the wild. This is also my first attempt at learning how to use the photo editing software Lightroom. I was experimenting with color enhancement and all the other features which is why you’ll see a slightly transparent watermark in the lower left corner. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the pictures of small slices of a day of smiles and relaxation that Mexico always provides.

How to explain a day in Mexico? Usually I attempt to write like a book would read but when it comes to photos I’d rather let them tell the story. Soon I’ll try to have them compliment the writing but for now I’d rather just shut up and show some pictures. Have a wonderful day.


  1. Puerto Peñasco has definitely grown. I’ve come here several times as a child, then sporadically in my teens and now more frequent as an adult. I’ve watched it grow from a small fishing port to a burgeoning and developing resort town but it’s vibrancy has always shone bright. Actually I’m not so sure what kind of shells they are but after some cursory research, I believe they are called “boring turret snail” shells. Kind of a crumby name but from the pictures I’d say they aren’t boring at all. 🙂

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