Project One/Between Worlds. Teaser Trailer.

The darkness fades into a familiar but dimly lit dreamscape to the dying cries of a woman lost and pleading to be found. She sounds like the last woman I talked to before falling to sleep. A tower of bright rises over water atop lights that glister like stars beside a lone soul wandering what isn’t quite the unknown.

I’ve been here before only now it’s under a sedated but visually hyperactive filter of phantasmagoria. Everything is saturated with unreal colors glowing on the water below. Trails of light from structures high above violently shake from a grainy and unstable world. Everything I try to focus on bends and warps away from me. I even search the heavens only to find nothing but a black and starless sky.

Occasionally ownerless shadows float by but I don’t seem to be apart of their world. They take no notice and I quickly and despondently realize that I’m completely alone and forsaken at the outer edges of reality.

What I see are the sights of a surreal world like I’m seeing it through hallucinant eyes. What I hear is the sound of beautifully dreamlike music only it’s like I’m hearing it on the other side of some astral plane between what I remember and what can’t possibly be.

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