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I’ve found myself on an island somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean in a country most people couldn’t point out on a map much less have even heard of. I don’t really know how but here I am. It all happened quite fast. It was Christmas night and rain thrashed on my window in my dark room as I watched silent lightning illuminate white amorphous and pulsing light beyond a black oceanic abyss west of Colombo. Continue reading

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It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

I’m not much for romantic movies but I am a sucker for films that take place somewhere far away and have an even greater propensity to be drawn to movies set in Asia. Even more so if the film is set as a kind of travelogue in a destination that I’ve traveled to before. This being the case, Hong Kong has definitely tattooed some great impressions upon my memory and soul.

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From London to the sky

How I got this shot so many years ago. Travel back to the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England. As amazing this was, I remember being as sick as a dog but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. This photo of the northern side of the Palace of Westminster actually came from a bit of luck. As it was the host city of the Olympics, the touristic microcosm of the world were out in full force so there wasn’t much time to stop on the congested sidewalks of a truly world class city to take pictures. Continue reading

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Project One/Between Worlds. Teaser Trailer.

The darkness fades into a familiar but dimly lit dreamscape to the dying cries of a woman lost and pleading to be found. She sounds like the last woman I talked to before falling to sleep. A tower of bright rises over water atop lights that glister like stars beside a lone soul wandering what isn’t quite the unknown. Continue reading

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Una lliçó de la cultura.

“Well you said you were excited to see if the hype was real about Spanish women and you couldn’t possibly be more surrounded by Spanish chicks than you are right now, Tommy.” “Yup.” Is all he says with a smile. He’s one of the tersest and most reticent guys I’ve ever met but it’s part of his charm and makes for easy travel company. “I expected they’d look similar to the girls we saw in Monaco but they look a little different. They’re not as tan and their hair seems to be a little lighter.” I say as we walk away from the Aerobus and into the beautiful square before us. “Ya.” “We probably only have time to get lunch then snap a few pictures before we have to catch our next flight.” I suggest. “Okay.”

What did that lady say to me at the airport? Was that even Spanish? Why did she only address me? Continue reading


Broken glass

“68th floor” with a short pause between the words in an English accent, the elevator announces with a calming woman’s voice. Exiting left out of the elevator I’m instructed to take another left and find an ascending stairway to the 69th floor. The attendant turns back and says “enjoy your time here, sir. The city lies just up those steps.” For a few seconds I hear beautifully orchestrated, ethereal music but it fades away under the voices and echoes atop the illuminated path to the sky. Continue reading