From London to the sky

How I got this shot so many years ago. Travel back to the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England. As amazing this was, I remember being as sick as a dog but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. This photo of the northern side of the Palace of Westminster actually came from a bit of luck. As it was the host city of the Olympics, the touristic microcosm of the world were out in full force so there wasn’t much time to stop on the congested sidewalks of a truly world class city to take pictures.

I don’t have the steadiest of hands and any kind of movement destroyed most of the pictures from this trip. I hated the camera on that phone, with a passion but as with any camera, a little luck and the right lighting, and of course a good subject, you could actually get something special. And in this case, I knew as soon as I reviewed the photo that it would be one of my favorites.

London was the last stop on a whirlwind tour of a few cities in Europe. I liked it so much I ended up going back in 2014 and visited a friend I had met at dinner while stranded at a hotel in Istanbul. When I end up in a place I’ve been before, I usually see myself as I was then. Watching myself walking the same streets, taking the same Tube rides, and walking under the same iconic landmarks.

When I go back to London, because I will go back someday, I think I’ll just wander a little more off the beaten path and actually have a Sunday roast and a few pints at a proper English pub. Mark these very words, that will happen.

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