It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

I’m not much for romantic movies but I am a sucker for films that take place somewhere far away and have an even greater propensity to be drawn to movies set in Asia. Even more so if the film is set as a kind of travelogue in a destination that I’ve traveled to before. This being the case, Hong Kong has definitely tattooed some great impressions upon my memory and soul.

Now I enjoy movies as much as anyone and I never really imagined doing a sort of mini review for one but personally I thoroughly enjoyed “It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong” from start to finish. The music was fun and fit the mood quite well and the cinematography was outstanding. The effective camera angles and the mesmerizingly soft bokeh of millions of lights behind the actors really was a thing of beauty. Usually the only images people have of Hong Kong are shots of the skyline from Victoria Peak, junk boats in Victoria Harbour or a nameless street festooned with endless neon signage. This movie provided a great and more intimate view of a city that truly deserves it.

The film hit a lot of the marks I like to see when I travel and even touched on some personal experiences. Discovering the beauty that lies within the unknown, within cultural exchange, and bittersweet, ephemeral romantic encounters where tomorrow always comes too soon.

Watching the film, I was taken back to the times of being led through and around Lan Kwai Fong on a pub crawl, seeing bars I drank at. Walking along Victoria Harbour and the Avenue of Stars. Experiencing the lights swaying on the water reflecting probably the most beautiful and iconic skyline in the world.

“It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong” is available on Netflix in the United States and perhaps other regions as well. If you enjoy movies with a plot about destined interactions that doesn’t try to be more complex than it needs to be, you like learning about far off lands and seeing them portrayed in such a beautiful and artistic way, I recommend giving this movie a chance.


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