Drift Beyond… Photoshop fun.

The evening my friends and I returned from Chichen Itza and the cenote in Ik Kil, we went to the small market at the resort, grabbed a few drinks and snacks to make ourselves comfortable sitting on the balcony looking out to dark waters while listening to some chill music to end the night. It really was quite unforgettable.

The day started a little earlier than we all wanted but we were all still excited. We took a more private tour with an excellent tour guide of the temple and cenote and I have to say it was so well worth it. We were able to see the sites at our own pace and were treated to a nice buffet. Chichen Itza was majestically awe inspiring but the time spent in the cenote felt otherworldly and surreal. After an educational day spent in the hot sun, drifting in the cold and clean water of the cenote revitalized both body and soul.

Sitting on the balcony we talked about how incredible everything was and enjoyed our drinks in the calming warm breeze of the Caribbean. While going through some 900 photos between my Nikon and GoPro to delete some of the blurry or bad photos, I came across this shot and immediately joked to my friends about how it looks like I’m in a cologne ad in a magazine. “From deep in the untouched jungles of Mexico comes ‘Cenote.'” So I did just that for fun and made my own in Photoshop. Here are more photos of the trip to Mexico if you’d care to see. Have a wonderful rest of your day everyone. 

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