To Rio from Phoenix with London memories

It’s hard to believe it has already been four years since I was in London for the 2012 Olympic Games. On this day of the opening ceremony for Rio 2016 Games, I sit here wishing I could be on Ipanema or Copacabana beach gazing at Sugarloaf mountain with a caipirinha in my hand with another on the way.

The Olympics have always held a special place in memory. Staying up late at night or waking up painfully early in the morning to watch some obscure event. It means even more now that I’ve been to them. I never thought in a million years, while sitting there watching the United States team take several gold medals in track and field, that I’d be at an Olympic event in one of the greatest cities across a vast ocean.

It was my first international trip with the last stop purposely being England for the 2012 games as the grand finale. I’ve literally been around the world since then but my time in London that summer will always be one of my favorite experiences abroad. Every Olympic games from here on will always bring me back to my first international adventure. Here’s hoping I can make it to Tokyo 2020 in Japan. Another country I have very fond memories of.

I feel sad that I won’t be in Rio this time around to support the athletes and to cheer on Team USA but I wish all the athletes good luck and a safe, fun and memorable experience. Boa noite!



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