Turks and Caicos 2018 Select Photos

The final destination of a several stop itinerary was to the beautiful island of Turks and Caicos. It was my only international trip of the year and it was a great choice. I had heard rumors of amazing beaches and just how friendly everyone was. It was true about how nice all the locals were to all the unwashed tourists and that really made an impression on me. And, Grace Bay was voted the best beach in the world and I can see why.

Vicky and I stayed at two hotels on the island. One walking distance from Grace Bay and another towards the northern tip of the island in a much more secluded and deserted area. I’ve been on beaches all over the world and that level of seclusion is something I’ve never quite experienced before. It was beautiful and something I’ll never forget.

When I wonder why I haven’t been back to The Caribbean in a while, I’m quickly reminded by the mosquitoes and sandflies that literally swarm on me and figuratively eat me alive. I’ve heard some people have a gene in there body that attracts all the flying, biting bugs and if that’s a real thing, I must have it. The price of paradise is often paid in bug bites and itchy legs but pain is temporary and memories follow us forever.

Since we were almost exclusively on the beach, most of the photos will be from there. I took some long exposure at the empty resort and made good use of my GoPro in the clear and warm water. I think the last time I swam that far into the ocean may have been last millennium. A time when I had no idea I would travel the world and have such a blessed life.

I made several good memories on this trip. By the looks of things, 2019 could be a good year for travel for me. I still plan on practicing my photography more at home this year as well. Either way, I’ll post what I like and hope you’ll join me for the ride. Stay safe out there Vicky and Buddy. I hope you achieve everything you want this year and into the future.

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