Los Angeles 2017 Select Photos

Los Angeles… Is it merely a place where people want to appear more important, more rich, more interesting than they really are? Is a higher status than those around you all there is to life? I can’t say it didn’t feel good cruising around Los Angeles in a fancy BMW 430i convertible. I can’t say I didn’t notice the curious glances and envious stares. I get why people subconsciously or even consciously crave to be envied. I felt what it was like and saw through the allure of being wanted. Pulling up to the trendy K-Town restaurant, Quarters, and seeing the girls turn their heads as I pulled into the valet. Alas, it was only a rented life, a life that isn’t mine, and possibly a life I may never live again. I made sure to enjoy it.

Cruising down Wilshire Boulevard, passing Urban Light to a setting sun and hip-hop/chill beats all the way from Santa Monica to Koreatown for an incredible dinner. A priceless, intangible memory that makes up the heart of what travel will always be. At least in my own mind. It’s why I go places.

I’ve been around the world but this is the first time I’ve been to Los Angeles with any real time to slow down and take a day. I’ve had my preconceived notions of Los Angeles both defended and broken down. I love the cultural macrocosm that is L.A. but am always turned away from the facetiousness (and trying to find parking). Though they do exist, not all the people I met were fake (and parking can be found). They were nice, hardworking people just like you and I. I’d like to commend the people that sat next to us at Quarters and let us share their melted cheese from their Korean BBQ.

Just a small gallery as I was only there for one day to catch a flight out of LAX. Lose your days in the L.A. sun.


Next came a day in Chicago.


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