Miami, Florida 2018 Select Photos

The third time to Miami is a charm. I had a more fun and interesting trip this time around than both my previous trips combined. I guess when you go with a local, you get to see the real Miami.

While South Beach is in Miami, South Beach isn’t all Miami has to offer. South Beach seems to be all that gets shown on TV which is sad. The beach bodies, clubs, and exotic cars are what people think of. The majority of this trip was spent on the west sides of the bridges and have to say that Miami has so much more to offer.

Vicky from is a Miami native and was an incredible tour guide. She drove me around in crazy Miami traffic like a pro. From the amazing Vizcaya Gardens to kayaking with manatees, I felt I’ve done Miami right this time around.

The food scene can contend with any other world class city. Vicky and I sampled from the ultra luxe fare at The Biltmore to a counter serve mound of meat, rice, and fried cheese at Yambo, Miami has it all. Being someone that has been spoiled by having traveled to Guadalajara several times AND living in close proximity to Mexico and its tacos, Coyo Taco in Wynwood gets my stamp of approval. Oh, and Cuban empanadas are better.

We were in Miami for over a week so there are more photos to comb through and tried to share a few that shows a bit of everything that I experienced.

Make sure to follow Vicky and Buddy on their socials @buddythetravelingmonkey to follow all of their adventures.

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