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Infinity Street. The beginning of the endless road to learning Photoshop.

So what does one do with their free time? The time spent not fulfilling obligations. Time that you aren’t getting paid for. Too often those obligations tend and burn away any residual energy and life so who wants to spend what remains doing something that just feels like more work? Like learning something new, something that takes effort and doesn’t make you any dollars, Euro, or Yen. Continue reading


Built from the night

My desk isn’t fancy but it does the job. Upon it, a black bound notebook, my current literary escape, phone and two MacBook laptops. One old the other new. The notebook has nothing written in it, it’s there to give a workspace feel to the area. I sit down with a tall glass of ice water, slip on my headphones and start the music to a song I haven’t heard in far too long. Another solo mission carving a little corner out of the darkness putting in the work. Continue reading