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Millennia in the Window

The sound of the shut door and electronic lock brings a welcomed sanctuary from a day that began in Omonia, one of the rougher parts of Athens. An area recovered but still bearing the sorrowed scars from its drug and volatile underbelly past from the 1960’s. There’s a strong and deep Spartan-like chant in eerie unison bellowed by a proud crowd of frustrated Greeks. We’ve been warned by our guide and by the police of Athens to avoid what breathes before us and take a detour around the riot and protest in the street. Continue reading


Broken glass

“68th floor” with a short pause between the words in an English accent, the elevator announces with a calming woman’s voice. Exiting left out of the elevator I’m instructed to take another left and find an ascending stairway to the 69th floor. The attendant turns back and says “enjoy your time here, sir. The city lies just up those steps.” For a few seconds I hear beautifully orchestrated, ethereal music but it fades away under the voices and echoes atop the illuminated path to the sky. Continue reading

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New York City is all mine. Well at least Wall Street is on a humid August night that found me alone. Trinity Church grows more impressive with each step and I see not a soul down Nassau or Broad. Seems the Financial District dies along with the workday. Gone are the amorphous, amoeba-like packs of Asians with cameras, no quintessential Wall Street business men, no more tourists climbing on and groping poor George Washington’s legs for pictures nor are there any locals. Just the night surrounding a humble boy from the desert of Phoenix on his first trip to New York City. Continue reading

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The delirious dancer

“You have to jump now if you want to make it. The driver does not wait.” The small woman working the boat admonishes as she’s about to latch the rope to block the exit. The vessel and dock rise, fall and separate unpredictably as I hear the sound of the boat’s engine revving to take off. A larger craft bulled its way along close to our boat causing it to rise higher than usual. Taking a step forward and being lifted to the apex of the ascent, clutching the handle of my GoPro, I go for it. Jumping down off the boat and over the water to land with a strong bang on the metal below, only to realize that I’ve gotten off at the wrong stop. All I can do is turn my head to watch the boat pull away. I have no idea where I am. I could get a cab but cab drivers in Bangkok are an ordeal even when you know where you are. I’ll just wait for the next water taxi. Continue reading