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My Year End Recap 2016.

This was an odd year for me. It was the first time in my years of traveling that I didn’t travel solo (internationally) nor did I visit any new countries. Even though I long to see more of the world, sometimes that’s just the way it works out. I’m happy I finally got around to seeing some of the places in Arizona I’ve always wanted to visit. Overall it was a good year for me. And though I didn’t procure any new passport stamps, I still learned a lot and made some incredible memories I’ll never forget. Continue reading


Mexico 2016 Select Photos

So here we find ourselves once again. I’ve arrived back safely in the United States more tan and having put another many miles behind me, more countless and priceless experiences banked in memory, and another gallery of personally selected photos for you all. Continue reading


Home hurts

It was hard not to see the effect it had on him, looking down over the marsh at several young children at play. “I used to be one of those kids” he said. I wasn’t used to seeing him like this. So lost and haunted now that there were no more distractions of excess and sin provided for his homecoming. It’s a busy Saturday night on the boardwalk and like the tide, residents rush into el Malecon de Chapala in the evening and recede back into town during the early hours of the morning. Continue reading