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150 Years, One Special Moon, One Strange Night.

I had heard a little something about this “once in a lifetime” moon that was going to appear on January 31st of this year. Some chatter at work, running on the treadmill and seeing the news report about it. I got home, took a shower, ate something, responded to some messages, and then wanted to relax. Leaving the moon in the back of my mind. Continue reading


Las Vegas, Nevada 2016 Select Photos

I’ve lost count on the amount of times I’ve been to Las Vegas. I’ve gone with friends, I’ve gone with family, I’ve gone alone but I’ve always had a fun or at the very least an interesting time. Continue reading

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The delirious dancer

“You have to jump now if you want to make it. The driver does not wait.” The small woman working the boat admonishes as she’s about to latch the rope to block the exit. The vessel and dock rise, fall and separate unpredictably as I hear the sound of the boat’s engine revving to take off. A larger craft bulled its way along close to our boat causing it to rise higher than usual. Taking a step forward and being lifted to the apex of the ascent, clutching the handle of my GoPro, I go for it. Jumping down off the boat and over the water to land with a strong bang on the metal below, only to realize that I’ve gotten off at the wrong stop. All I can do is turn my head to watch the boat pull away. I have no idea where I am. I could get a cab but cab drivers in Bangkok are an ordeal even when you know where you are. I’ll just wait for the next water taxi. Continue reading