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I’ve found myself on an island somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean in a country most people couldn’t point out on a map much less have even heard of. I don’t really know how but here I am. It all happened quite fast. It was Christmas night and rain thrashed on my window in my dark room as I watched silent lightning illuminate white amorphous and pulsing light beyond a black oceanic abyss west of Colombo. Continue reading

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The Sultry Lady

She was a feisty and devastatingly beautiful 4’11” Puerto Rican girl from Brooklyn in New York City. So delicate and soft in her appearance but had the fight to chop down the most powerful of men if she felt even slightly crossed. Continue reading


Mexico 2016 Select Photos

So here we find ourselves once again. I’ve arrived back safely in the United States more tan and having put another many miles behind me, more countless and priceless experiences banked in memory, and another gallery of personally selected photos for you all. Continue reading

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The past 12 hours found myself wandering through one Chinese luxury mega casino after another Chinese luxury mega resort. When I first arrived on the island I simply thought it was like a more humid and naturally lush Chinese Vegas, put crudely. Gambling resorts aren’t that much different regardless of where they are in the world.

Each Chinese luxury mega resort comes replete with several large, aesthetically pleasing constructed illusions meant to awe. Usually these grand and beautiful areas are packed with people milling around and mindlessly taking pictures but here I am, the only lonely soul around. Alone and dwarfed by this massive hall of glamour in a fusional world of Sino-Portuguese history and ambition. Continue reading


Home hurts

It was hard not to see the effect it had on him, looking down over the marsh at several young children at play. “I used to be one of those kids” he said. I wasn’t used to seeing him like this. So lost and haunted now that there were no more distractions of excess and sin provided for his homecoming. It’s a busy Saturday night on the boardwalk and like the tide, residents rush into el Malecon de Chapala in the evening and recede back into town during the early hours of the morning. Continue reading

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New Game at 8-Bit.

The opening of 8-Bit Brewery was such a fun time. Opening you ask? But you’ve already been sold and reviewed this place didn’t you? Yes and I’d really like to thank the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild for sharing my initial review of 8-Bit Brewery. Instead of another review, this will be my personal experience of the enjoyably long Saturday that it was. Continue reading


8-Bit Aleworks. The back in the day brewery.

The West Valley of Phoenix, Arizona has so many eateries and drink-eries painfully bereft of any kind of personality or humanity. It’s sad to the point of embarrassing to think that there are so few really great family owned spots sparsely populated among restaurants and bars created from a boardroom approved template and coming with as much personality as an office supply store. What I’m searching for is a place not mandated by corporate ghosts so far up the proverbial ladder, people aren’t really sure they exist. It’s been maddening to see a new restaurant pad with hungry hopes of a new place to try only to see another chain restaurant and publicly traded, food service conglomerate terraforming the place I call home. Continue reading