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Bonus Round and Cobra Arcade

There has definitely been a noticeable trend of arcade bars popping up around The Valley and even perhaps around the country. Trying to compare the new arcade bars in the central Phoenix area isn’t exactly as easy as I thought. Everyone has their preference and when two similarly themed establishments open their doors, most people will tend to consistently gravitate to one over the other. Continue reading


8-Bit Aleworks. The back in the day brewery.

The West Valley of Phoenix, Arizona has so many eateries and drink-eries painfully bereft of any kind of personality or humanity. It’s sad to the point of embarrassing to think that there are so few really great family owned spots sparsely populated among restaurants and bars created from a boardroom approved template and coming with as much personality as an office supply store. What I’m searching for is a place not mandated by corporate ghosts so far up the proverbial ladder, people aren’t really sure they exist. It’s been maddening to see a new restaurant pad with hungry hopes of a new place to try only to see another chain restaurant and publicly traded, food service conglomerate terraforming the place I call home. Continue reading