Song and dance that is life

Nostalgia hurts more than it helps in my opinion. I recently signed up for the family package for Spotify to share with my family. I definitely love it as I’m able to listen to music pretty much all eight of the hours I’m at work, the hours at the gym, and at home. Through the ebb of one artist, to the flow of the related, I end up finding myself on the beaches of tracks that were in my life at the times of horrible heartbreaks and breakups.

Seeing the album covers of CDs I had when people still purchased physical copies of their music. Never ending memories of the years between 2002 through 2006 when the ride of emotional lows and highs were at their most potent. The horrid pain of betrayal to elation of finding the perfect girl (in my mind at the time) and back down into the wastelands of having lost it all again.

Then overlapping onto songs while roaming the campus of Arizona State University. Songs and memories of stressful but better days that I smile at now. Lost in the sea of other students most likely stepping to the beat of their own dance to their own songs.

Alas, it’s ancient history now but it’s also an ever ongoing dance, to a perpetually echoing chorus.

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