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My own graphic design.

Personally I have no graphic design experience but the process of creating something that would go onto my site was actually quite fun and challenging. I wanted to go for simplicity and as my first professor at ASU told me “simplicity is often the most complex thing to achieve.” Continue reading


Our Port in the Quiet Storm

We’ve walked our bikes more than we’ve ridden them since we left Palapa. We’re also trekking on a road that we shouldn’t be after treading through a place we shouldn’t have and are not going to go back the same way we came. “How much further do you think we can go?” She asks me in her thick Scottish accent. “We’ll have to find our way back soon before the sun starts to go down and it gets too dark. I’m sure there’s just more resorts further down anyway.” I respond. “Okay. I’m just glad we made it out of that crazy spot. I thought we were going to get shot, shot at or attacked by all these dangerous reptiles everywhere.” “I’m glad nothing happened too. It was kind of creepy.” Trying to remember my geography and out of curiosity, I ask “I know it’s much too far but technically if we keep going north we’ll make it to the Costa Maya right?” “Yes to Quintana Roo, Mexico.” She answers. Continue reading


Broken glass

“68th floor” with a short pause between the words in an English accent, the elevator announces with a calming woman’s voice. Exiting left out of the elevator I’m instructed to take another left and find an ascending stairway to the 69th floor. The attendant turns back and says “enjoy your time here, sir. The city lies just up those steps.” For a few seconds I hear beautifully orchestrated, ethereal music but it fades away under the voices and echoes atop the illuminated path to the sky. Continue reading