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Oahu, Hawaii 2015 Select Photos

Hello everyone. So a few of you that follow my Facebook Page or Instagram know that I traveled to Hawaii for a few days and of course I took just a few photographs. I’ve been around the island of Oahu before but this time I was able explore at my leisure and take greater advantage of Oahu’s seemingly infinite photogenically rich content. Below are my selected favorite photographs. Pictures taken with a Nikon D5500 and a GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Edited in Lightroom 6. I hope you all enjoy.

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Hello everyone. It’s good to be with you all and home once again. I’ve been quite busy working on a little something for all of you that follow this humble site and those who may be peeking in for the first time. Continue reading


PHX Photo Walk Two

People walk around taking pictures with their phones all night long and nobody bats an eye. Someone brings in a real camera and everyone loses their mind.

This short second installment of the PHX Photo Walk series takes us to a few places but mostly pictures of The Duce in downtown Phoenix. One day after work I decided to head over and have dinner. I had my camera with me so I thought “why not.”  Continue reading


Drifting from the crowd.

Neither of us were terribly interested in baseball. To me it’s a playoff sport, I love fall baseball but the teams on the field got knocked out of playoff contention long ago. Regardless, we scalped some really cheap tickets to the Cincinnati Reds and Colorado Rockies game. Weather wise it’s the perfect early September Denver day for taking a leisurely stroll down to LODO after eating brunch at Snooze on Park Avenue and Larimer Street. Continue reading


The Plaza. A Las Vegas Prologue Part II.

After a slight detour, we arrive at The Plaza Hotel. I tagged along with my friends who are attending Punk Rock Bowling, a three day long punk rock music festival that starts tonight. This meant downtown Las Vegas was dominated by chains, band t-shirts, tattoos, black leather everything and mohawks. I recommend we set our bags down after check in and have lunch at the Hash House A Go Go. In the dozen or so times I’ve been to Las Vegas, I’ve never skipped on the Hash House. It never gets old; that distinct sound of gasping laughter mixed with fear and carnal gluttony at the sight of the mountain of food towering before customers. Continue reading

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The Fifteen. A Las Vegas Prologue.

When the car takes the rising, gentle curve from the 215 to the Las Vegas Freeway, which runs parallel to Las Vegas Boulevard, both Willy, the driver, and Jake, the rear passenger, are stunned by the splendor that is the south end of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s all new to them. Massive hotels with countless panes of glass glimmering in the sun and reflecting the sky and it’s at their fingertips. They’re both awestruck and speechless but my silence stems from a different seed. For the Vegas veterans like me, recollections both rancorous and delightful take a stranglehold of my mind. Continue reading

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New York City is all mine. Well at least Wall Street is on a humid August night that found me alone. Trinity Church grows more impressive with each step and I see not a soul down Nassau or Broad. Seems the Financial District dies along with the workday. Gone are the amorphous, amoeba-like packs of Asians with cameras, no quintessential Wall Street business men, no more tourists climbing on and groping poor George Washington’s legs for pictures nor are there any locals. Just the night surrounding a humble boy from the desert of Phoenix on his first trip to New York City. Continue reading