Hello everyone. It’s good to be with you all and home once again. I’ve been quite busy working on a little something for all of you that follow this humble site and those who may be peeking in for the first time.

People that know me have been asking when they can see pictures from a recent trip I took to Sydney, Australia. Lucky for me I also had a two day stop over in Honolulu, Hawaii and was able to take a slower tour around the island of Oahu than I did the last time I was there and got some good material. Photos will come but for now I’m going to do you all one better and I hope you enjoy this video.

Sōlō is a short film of just a slice of what I see when I’m out roaming the earth alone. There is SO much more than what a five minute video could show and SO many moments were left on the cutting room floor but those many experiences live on in my memories (and hard drive) and will perhaps write about some of them here in the future.

This is my first attempt at doing something like this. I’ve made simple movies in iMovie but nothing using the Adobe CC suite of applications. I had absolutely no idea how to shoot and edit video so I had to learn on location and teach myself. I think I did okay for my first try. I can guarantee that the next one will be of better quality.

Toys, or gear as they say: MeFoto Blue Tripod, Nikon D5500, GoPro Hero 4 Silver, and an iPhone 6.
Software: Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro, effects done in Adobe After Effects and a few slides created with Adobe Photoshop.

Everything was done myself and I hope you all find a little enjoyment from it as I had a lot of fun creating it. With it completed and no other real projects on the line, I can get back to writing more random travel posts. If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to ask. Until next time my friends. Have a wonderful day.

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