Blue if by sea

Everyone remembers their first and mine was a steamy and sultry Monégasque beauty. This picture was taken at the southern end of Port de Fontvieille near the Héliport de Monaco. It looks to be an almost perfectly centered, vertical slash between the sky and sea though I think the sky covers a bit more of the picture. I took this freehand with no tripod or any kind of horizon leveling assistance and from the smartphone I had at the time. It was an HTC Sensation and I really hated the camera on that phone. It took far too long to focus, write the information to the phone’s memory and reset the shutter before I could take a new photo. Sometimes I would have to wait five or more seconds between actually being able to take a new picture and on top of that, most of the pictures came out blurry. Back then I didn’t exactly care about taking beautiful photographs. I mean I tried but I only cared that my phone was conveniently on hand and took “good enough” pictures.

It was a breezy summer day and I remember a speed boat way out in the distance, waiting forever for it to sail out of view. I snapped a few pictures and this particular photo won out in my eyes. It’s not particularly sharp or stunning but I enjoy it. When a helicopter took off from the heliport and rushed overhead, I thought about what it would be like to do that. To take a lazy afternoon helicopter tour over the coastline of the Mediterranean off of Monaco. Maybe someday. I just had to settle for the lonely walk along the bluest waters I’ve seen even to this day.

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